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Our services have been designed to ensure you realise all the hard work you have put into building your financial services business

Comparison DIY Sale Owner Led Sale Full Facilitation
Revenue Recommendation <$250k <$1m $1m
Information Memorandum
Identify business position and objective
Request for information
Forte submit draft information memorandum
Teleconference to discuss Draft
Final Information Memoranudm
Pre-Sale Consultation
Listing on Forte's Website
Collation of key data from Information Memorandum
Filter of business through Forte's database of registered buyers
Listing on Forte's Public Market Place
Advertisement to Forte's list of email subscribers
Listing on Forte's online market place
Transparent information on interested buyers
Filtration of interested buyers
Weekly Progress Report
Forte Deal Templates x
Teleconference with deals expert on the use of templates
Creation of Non-Binding Indicative Offer Invitation
Management of interested parties
Assistance with due diligence
Creation of term sheet
Unlimited access to Forte's M&A team
DIY Sale

This package includes the creation of an information memorandum and a pre-sale consultation
A comphrehensive document designed to showcase the specific details of your business. This is a crucial document that is presented to potential purchasers under a confidentiality agreement that assists them in evaluating and determining their level of interest in the business for sale.

The pre-sale consultation will allow you to discuss any concerns or questions you may have about the sales process before progressing.


1. Information Memorandum

  • Teleconference with market expert at Forte to understand your business position and objective.
  • Establish key selling features, pricing, non negotiable & negotiable issues and formulating a marketable value proposition.
  • Request for information.
  • Collection of comprehensive data relating to the business, owners, staff, performance, clients and more.
  • Forte detail the value proposition, assets and key issues attractive to potential purchasers.
  • Draft Information Memorandum.
  • We seek your final approval prior to completion.
  • Final Information Memorandum.

2. Pre-Sale Consultation

  • Forte's market expert will discuss current market conditions
  • Private and confidential Q & A

Approximately 5 business days

Payment Terms

$2497.00 + GST payable upfront



Project Name Employer Awards
Work 1 Doe john@example.com
Work 2 Moe mary@example.com
Project Name Employer Awards
Work 1 Doe john@example.com
Work 3 Dooley july@example.com
Project Name Employer Awards
Work 1 Doe john@example.com
Work 2 Moe mary@example.com

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